Quartz Countertop Prices

Quartz countertop prices range between $50 to $150 per square foot, depending on several variables. To help you understand what goes into the cost of quartz countertops, let’s look at a few key points. Quality of quartz countertops- The differences in cost between higher quality quartz countertops and lower quality can be pretty significant. So,… Read more »

2021 Hottest Countertop Trends: White Ice Granite

WHITE ICE GRANITE White ice granite is one of the hottest trends in kitchen and bath countertops. MC Granite carries a selection of white ice granite countertops, and our team members are available to help you with your kitchens design needs. If you are considering a dreamy white ice granite, here is some information that… Read more »

Black Granite & Quartz Countertops

If you are seeking a dramatic look for your upcoming kitchen project, consider a black countertop. Regardless of your style, black kitchen countertops add a sophisticated element to most any design. While black countertops certainly look spectacular in contemporary homes, especially in contrast with clean, white accents, black kitchen countertops can work in almost any… Read more »

5 Steps To Customize Your Countertop

If you are ready to enhance and enrich your home, with a new kitchen, it is important to choose the right countertop company. Here, at MC Granite, we work with you, from start to finish, making the process of customizing your countertops simple. As a one-stop-shop, MC Granite is your supplier, fabricator, and installer, so… Read more »

5 Ways That You Are Possibly Ruining Your Countertops

Your natural stone countertops are tough and can withstand a lot of everyday wear and tear. However, if you’re not careful, certain things can cause your countertops to suffer, potentially leading to costly damage.  Here are some of the biggest mistakes that people often make with their natural stone countertop:  Applying Heavy Weight Although your… Read more »

How to Clean a Honed Granite Countertop

Granite remains a popular countertop option for kitchens and bathrooms among many households. One of the main reasons why people choose granite over other stones is because of the various finishes that it comes in. Granite comes in a wide variety of finishes, including polished, leathered, and honed. Among the three finishes, honed is the… Read more »

The Dos and Don’ts of Cleaning Your Granite Countertops

When you take the steps to add granite countertops to your home, you will have to maintain them properly so they don’t lose their shine or get damaged. As you’re cleaning your granite countertops, you must be very careful. Improperly cleaning your countertop can lead to you ruining the natural beauty of the granite. Here… Read more »

What Should You Consider When You’re Designing Your Outdoor Kitchen?

Now that it’s officially 2021, it’s the perfect time to start thinking about your next home renovation. Since many families spent as much time as they could outdoors in 2020, they have been making moves to renovate their outdoor living space this year. An outdoor kitchen is a functional, stylish, and convenient addition to your… Read more »