The Perks of Choosing a Quartzite Countertop

If you’re in the market for a new countertop, it can be difficult to find the right material for your home. There are quite a few options and they each come with their own benefits and drawbacks. One material that’s become increasingly popular of late is quartzite. Here are some perks of choosing quartzite as your kitchen countertop material:

The Durability

When you’re purchasing a kitchen countertop, you’re making a long-term investment. You don’t want to have to repair it or replace it again in the near future. Quartzite countertops have longevity because they’re made from harder material than any other kind of countertop, making them less likely to chip. The material is also denser than most, which adds to the long-lasting nature.

Additionally, quartzite countertops are at almost no risk of etching, and they are UV resistant, meaning they will not be damaged by acidic substances or long-term exposure to sunlight.

The Appearance

While functionality is important, you’re also going to want a countertop that’s visually appealing. Quartzite definitely checks that box with its one-of-a-kind color palette featuring many variations of white and gray. The wide variety of natural quartzite patterns that exist offers customers tremendous versatility, making it a perfect match for all different styles of kitchen.

The Lack of Maintenance

Many kitchen countertops will require regular maintenance – intense cleaning, occasional resealing, etc. But that won’t be a problem with a quartzite countertop. The lack of maintenance makes it extra appealing as a countertop material. Once the countertop is sealed, you just have to wash it with soap and water occasionally. There’s nothing else to it, really.

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