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The last thing you want to do when installing countertops in your home is work with an inexperienced countertop company. MC Granite Countertops will put any worries you have to rest by providing you with excellent custom countertop installation services.

We carry a large selection of countertops, including granite, marble, quartz, quartzite, and soapstone countertops in Social Circle, GA. In addition, we take care of fabricating countertops for you and we will install them in your kitchen, bathroom, or any other space in your home.

Countertop Designs

Once you’ve chosen the granite countertops you like best or selected one of the marble countertops that best suits your home, we will begin the fabrication process. We use laser cut measurements, water jet cutting, and CNC fabrication to create all their granite, marble, soapstone, quartz, and quartzite countertops. By utilizing these forms of technology, we’re able to manufacture custom countertops that will look gorgeous when they go in and fit your exact specifications.

Countertop Installations

After the fabrication process is complete, our team will also work hard to install your new countertops quickly for you. We’ll remove your old countertops and haul them away before installing say quartz countertops in your kitchen, soapstone countertops in your bathroom, or one of our other stone countertop options in a different part of your home. Then, we’ll coat them with a special sealant that’s designed to prevent moisture from doing damage to them and show you some ways that you can maintain your countertops moving forward. It’ll keep your countertops shining bright for years to come.

Call MC Granite Countertops at 770-833-8075 today if you’ve been thinking about putting new countertops in your Social Circle, GA home.

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