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When you choose high quality, expertly fabricated countertops for your kitchen and bathrooms, they can maintain their beauty and structure for a very long time. Allow MC Granite Countertops to help you make the right selection by providing a variety of natural stone countertop options to choose from here in Conyers, GA. Our extensive inventory includes marble, quartz and quartzite, as well as soapstone countertops and high-end exotic granite countertops that would make a stunning addition to any home.

Countertop Designs

Aside from supplying homeowners with the raw materials for their dream countertops, MC Granite Countertops also handles the actual fabrication. Whether you want to add marble countertops to your kitchen space or soapstone countertops to a bathroom, we will measure the allotted space in your home and cut your countertops using the most advanced technology. Water jet cutting, laser cut measuring and CNC fabrication are all methods used to ensure your countertops are the size and shape they should be to meet your exact specifications.

Countertop Installations

Once your new countertops are ready, MC Granite Countertops will remove your old ones and take care of the installation process. Regardless of whether you’ve chosen granite, marble, quartz, quartzite or soapstone countertops for your Conyers, GA home, we’ll make sure they’re leveled and secure, and will even apply a sealer to protect them from moisture damage. We’ll also give you some general maintenance tips and encourage you to have your natural stone countertops resealed on a yearly basis. From concept to completion, MC Granite Countertops will make sure every step is done the right way.

Add new granite or marble countertops to your Conyers, GA home by calling MC Granite Countertops at 770-833-8075 today.


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Absolute Black India Absolute black India is extremely dark dolerite with a fine granular crystalline texture. Although absolute black India is commonly grouped as granite, the rock is considered dolerite by European standards. During the processing of absolute black granite,...

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