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If you’re going to install new granite countertops in your kitchen or new marble countertops in your bathroom, work with a custom countertop installer that will get the job done right. MC Granite Countertops has been working with homeowners in Rockmart, GA for years and we can supply you with granite and marble countertops as well as other stone options like quartz, quartzite, and soapstone countertops. We customize each and every countertop we install to fit the exact needs of our customers.

Countertop Designs

Once you choose the stone that works best for your home, MC Granite Countertops will fabricate it from scratch so that it suits your space perfectly. We utilize the most recent technology to do it, including laser cut measurements, water jet cutting, and CNC fabrication. So whether you’re looking for large granite, marble, soapstone, quartz, or quartzite countertops or smaller ones, you can get the size and shape you want. Your countertops are guaranteed to fit once they reach your home.

Countertop Installations

After your countertop has been fabricated, our team will also make sure that your installation is taken care of quickly. We’ll rip your old countertops out of your home and get rid of them and then install your new ones in its place. Notably, we have installed hundreds of countertops over the years in all kinds of spaces. We also go the extra mile by applying sealant to granite, marble, quartzite, soapstone, and quartz countertops to protect them from the moisture they’ll face. It’ll stop water from seeping into the porous surface of your stone countertop.

See what MC Granite Countertops can do for you by calling us at 770-833-8075 or visiting their showroom to check out their gorgeous countertops.


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