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Granite countertops are truly stunning, but faulty craftsmanship can quickly ruin the look you want. MC Granite Countertops not only supplies exceptional granite countertops in Powder Springs, but also invests fine attention to detail and experience to ensure all countertops are beautiful, finished pieces. The careful design and cutting techniques with artful installation will make your countertops in Powder Springs a true masterpiece.

Your kitchen granite countertops in Powder Springs will give you a smooth, strong surface to work on, and they will make your kitchen lavish and luxurious. The intricate details of the stone create a backdrop that brings elements of your kitchen together. Use the colors and shades in the stone to tie together the colors of the wall and floor with accent colors. The same concept works with your bathroom granite countertops in Powder Springs. Match your granite to the tiles of your floor, walls or tub and introduce color elements that match your fixtures, curtains, towels and other décor items.

Take a look at the marble types available and start visualizing your dream kitchen or bathroom. Call 770-833-8075 to learn more about discount countertops in Powder Springs and get started on your new kitchen or bathroom granite countertops.


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Low cost kitchen and bathroom cabinets are now available! We offer a large variety of affordable cabinets for your kitchen remodel or bathroom renovation. Stop by our Blue Ridge or Kennesaw showroom today to get your FREE QUOTE from one of our cabinet contractors.


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