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Sculptures and palaces have been carved from granite for centuries, and many of these monuments still stand today. You can make your granite countertops in Norcross a similar showpiece and long-lasting masterpiece using this beautiful and versatile material. MC Granite Countertops supplies customized, discount countertops in Norcross to help every homeowner complete the bathroom, kitchen or living room of their dreams. With over 50 shades and colors to choose from, MC makes it easy to find the perfect fit for any space.

If you are looking for kitchen granite countertops in Norcross, trust the experts in granite craftsmanship to make a shape that looks beautiful in your kitchen. Select an edge profile to follow the contours of your kitchen or continue an elegant motif, and select colors and patterns that complement your décor. MC also supplies bathroom granite countertops in Norcross, with sleek, shiny, smooth surfaces that are easy to clean and almost impossible to stain.

Find the best countertops in Norcross for your new home or new room. Take a look at the granite selections online to find the type you are looking for and visit the gallery to see what it might look like in your home. Call 770-833-8075 to learn more and get an estimate.

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We now offer affordable kitchen cabinet options for your remodels and renovations. Stop by our Kennesaw, GA and Blue Ridge, GA showrooms to get a FREE QUOTE from one of our cabinet installation contractors. MC Granite Countertops is your one stop kitchen and bathroom remodeling company.


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Absolute Black Granite Absolute black granite is one of the many varieties of granite that exist. It is solid black rock with consistent texture as well as color. This unique type of granite is found in South India, where it...

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