Granite vs. Marble Countertops

When it comes to finding the perfect countertops for your home, you want something that not only looks great, but something that will last. Two of the very best options that meet these needs are granite and marble.

While there is really no wrong choice when selecting between these two countertop materials, it is important to know the distinctions between the two before making your final selection.

Read on to learn a little more about each of these materials to see which is right for your kitchen, bathroom or other space in your home.

Granite is extremely durable

Being a natural stone, granite is one of the most durable materials that can be chosen for countertops. These are ideal for those with children or homeowners that spend a lot of time cooking.

This functional countertop material comes in a variety of colors to meet your aesthetic needs and will be sure to stand up to nearly any wear and tear.

Marble on the other hand, is a bit more delicate than granite and can leave behind scratches and marks when it is treated roughly.

Each of these materials are porous, so it’s important to have them sealed every few years to ensure they are not stained.

Marble offers an elegant appearance

One reason that many people choose marble is for its incredible appearance. It provides kitchens and bathrooms with a beauty, elegance and class that is seldom seen with other countertop materials, while being a relatively affordable option.

Marble not only looks fantastic, showing off veins of material, but it is extremely smooth, which many people prefer for the aesthetic of their space.

Granite is the more affordable option

While it was mentioned that marble countertops can fit into most budgets, there is no denying that granite is the more affordable option.

Granite prices can typically start around $75 per square foot installed, while marble can start off at $100 or more per square foot and go up in price for the higher-end pieces.

Since granite is a more durable material, you will save even further by not having to pay for regular maintenance of your countertop space.

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