Care of quartzite bathroom countertops

Are you wondering how to care for quartzite countertops? Here is a simple guide on how to care for quartzite.

Quality installation and maintenance

If the installation is right, you can expect that the material will serve you for long without needing repairs. If you find a problem with the vanity top, you need to repair it as soon as possible. Notice that how you care for quartzite bathroom countertops, determines the quality of service they give you.

Proper cleaning

All you need is a soft cloth or towel to wipe the quartzite vanity tops. You may also use some soap or cleanser to keep germs away from your top. Dry the vanity tops immediately after cleaning to keep the stone dry. Normally, wiping the quartzite bathroom countertop with a soft cloth is enough to maintain that gloss shine. However, the level of porosity of the material will determine how easy it is to keep the top clean.


Natural stones have a natural level of absorption and will not completely keep the water away. A sealer can do the trick. However, you should check the stone grade before thinking f sealing. Some quartzite tops don’t need sealing because they are almost impervious. However, most require a seal during initial installation. Others require periodic sealing.

Sealing has to be done right by an expert for it to do its work. Remember, a seal is applied to ensure that the stone does not absorb water. You need a good sealer. Most sealers will not be effective after some time. It is good to check the sealer rating and guarantee. If you buy a 3-5-year sealer, you will need to go back after just 3 years. You can look for those rated 7+ years.