5 Steps To Customize Your Countertop

If you are ready to enhance and enrich your home, with a new kitchen, it is important to choose the right countertop company. Here, at MC Granite, we work with you, from start to finish, making the process of customizing your countertops simple. As a one-stop-shop, MC Granite is your supplier, fabricator, and installer, so everything you need to build your dream kitchen is under one roof! If you are ready to start building your dream kitchen, here are the five steps to customizing your countertop. For more information, contact the countertop contractors at MC Granite. Our skilled team will help you get your dream kitchen in no time!



Before you set forth on designing your ideal kitchen, you’ll want to decide on a style. Do you like contemporary? Traditional? Transitional? Farmhouse? Knowing your style will set the stage for your kitchen, the heart of the home! You will also want to choose materials and pieces that blend both form and function while standing the test of time. Work with your countertop contractor on well-thought-out design for your kitchen. Having all the best materials will not matter if your floor plan doesn’t match your lifestyle.



The colors and materials that you choose will not only make a statement, but they will tell a story. By now, you have selected a style for your kitchen. With the help of our MC Granite’s countertop contractors, you will pick countertops that best reflect this style. At MC Granite, we have over 450 colors and thousands of slabs to choose from. It’s important to match materials with your lifestyle. Ask yourself questions such as “How much traffic will our counters get?” or “Will I be cooking a lot in this kitchen or is it more for entertaining?” Specific stones require less maintenance and hold up better than others. If you are unsure what materials will work best in your kitchen, you can read more here or call our countertop contractors for more information.



So much goes into designing the perfect kitchen. You may not be aware that you have to select countertop edges and sinks. While this may seem overwhelming, MC Granite’s countertop contractors are available to help you choose the best edge to compliment your beautiful countertops. It’s small details like countertop edges that will take your kitchen to the next level. You will select from edges such as single-bevel, bullnose, and eased edges.  MC Granite’s countertop contractors will also help you choose the best sink for your lifestyle. When selecting a sink, it’s essential to keep in mind the size of the sink in relation to your countertops and how you will be using your sink. For instance, will you be washing a lot of pots and pans or have many dishes in the sink?



The experts at MC Granite are available to assist you from your very first visit through every step of your journey.  When you schedule your in-home measurement, one of our fully vetted and insurance template technicians will come to your home and measure your countertops, ensuring a perfect, custom fit.



Once the materials are custom fabricated to your home’s exact measurements, our professional installers will return to your home to install your custom countertops. MC Granite countertops provide convenience by removing your old countertops and installing your new granite countertops on the same day.

At MC Granite, we make it simple to get the kitchen of your dreams by having everything you need to enrich your home under one roof. Because we don’t subcontract, we have complete control as suppliers, fabricators, and installers. And, MC Granite offers a lifetime warranty, so you can have confidence in choosing us as your countertop company!