A Guide to the Different Countertop Materials

Whether they’re for your kitchen or your bathroom, there’s a lot to consider when deciding on the right countertops. One of the most important things you must decide on is the type of material you want your countertops to be made out of. From the elegance of granite to the luxuriousness of marble, there are plenty of options out on the market. In order to choose the right one, then, you must learn everything you can about the most popular types.


Granite—it’s perhaps the most popular type of stone out on the market. Strong, durable and heat-resistant, once it’s sealed then it’s practically maintenance-free. It also comes in a variety of colors and patterns. Keep in mind, though, that granite is more expensive than other stones, and that since it’s a natural stone, the slab may have imperfections.


Marble is another type of natural stone. Smooth and sleek, it typically comes in whites and/or grays. It’s a truly beautiful stone, but they’re not quite as durable as granite. As such, scratches and stains (unless sealed) can appear.


Unlike marble and granite, quartz is an engineered stone, not a natural stone. This means that while it’s derived from mined quartz, the majority of it is made up of man-made polymer resins and pigments. There are benefits for going with an engineered stone rather than a natural stone. Namely, quartz is more adaptable, and it has a wider range of colors and patterns. It’s also easier to maintain and lacks any imperfections.


They may sound similar, but quartz and quartzite are actually two different materials. While quartz is engineered, quartzite is a natural stone. As such, it’s harder and more durable, but you do have less design choices (quartzite comes in mainly whites or grays, although pinks and reds are possible).


Finally, there’s soapstone. A natural stone made up of metamorphic rock, soapstone is soft but durable. As a result, the occasional nick and scratch will appear, but it will stand up to most of what your kitchen will throw at it. Since soapstone comes in mostly whites and grays, it’s great for modern and minimalist kitchens.

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