Bathroom Vanity Countertop Materials

Types of bathroom materials

When remodeling a bathroom, you have a choice of transforming your bathroom vanity using some of the best types of bathroom counters. While granite, marble, quartz, quartzite, and soapstone are the most popular, there are other bathroom countertops materials to choose from.

Here are the best countertop materials for bathroom remodel


Granite is a natural vanity top material. It is mined from various quarries around the world. Being a natural stone, it can be shaped or modeled the way you want. You can also add any tint you want to give the appearance that matches your overall bathroom kitchen. The biggest advantage is that it is a robust material that can last for a very long time. It does not stain and is impervious. However, it is also heavy to carry around. It can also break if handled poorly, hence the need to have professional installers for the task. Since it occurs naturally, it is an eco-friendly alternative.


If you are looking for a truly unique installation for a modern bathroom vanity, marble is your best choice. Even though it can crack or scratch when manhandled, it brings out the very best of any luxury bathroom. Under normal bathroom use, they can last for a very long time without staining or losing their aura. However, you have to be ready to dig deep if you want the very best. However, the overall result is a truly luxurious appeal for your home. Marble tops add significant value to any home.


This engineered stone can be designed into different shapes, designs, and colors. You cannot run out of ideas for any themed bathroom finish. Unlike natural stone, quartz is a superior version. It is impervious and stain-resistant making it ideal for a typical bathroom vanity use. To get the best, you will most certainly need to buy luxury grade with designer cuts for seams, which often have a high percentage of quartz. You can also find it in lower natural quartz percentages.


At the very top of quartz, there is 100% quartz, also known as quartzite. It is 100% natural stone. It has many advantages including low maintenance, strong, durability, stain-resistant, and extremely luxurious. The price variations are because of the quality of the final stone. Some varieties are sealed to make them impervious. It is perfect for master bedroom installations where the risk of cracking and scarring is minimal.


This is an easy choice for people looking for beautiful bathroom material. Its aesthetic value and appeal are unmatched among natural stones. It is one of the most durable bathroom vanity tops. Most people love it because the naturally-occurring stone does not crack quickly, does not stain, and is environmentally friendly. They also clean very easily, making it a great piece for a gloss finish and easy shine installations and themes. However, being a natural stone, getting your color choice is not a guarantee and in most cases, they are grey or black.