2021 Hottest Countertop Trends: White Ice Granite


White ice granite is one of the hottest trends in kitchen and bath countertops. MC Granite carries a selection of white ice granite countertops, and our team members are available to help you with your kitchens design needs. If you are considering a dreamy white ice granite, here is some information that will help you build the kitchen of your dreams.

Imported from Brazil, white ice granite’s beautiful appearance is a lovely cross between snow-covered mountains and crystalized lakes reflecting blue winery skies. White ice granite pale gray and white ice background is the perfect canvas for the stone’s dark contrasting veining. When looking at white ice granite, the primary color is light and takes on a grey-white appearance, yet the dark veining can range from a deep ocean blue to the reddish/ brown hues of an Arizona sunset. Depending on the slab you get, the stone’s look can vary greatly, making it a versatile and unique option. The stunning granite is a gorgeous addition to any kitchen and bath, which is why white ice granite has become a sought-after stone.

Because white ice granite is not overproduced, it is exotic and therefore can be a bit more expensive than other granite countertops, but the result is eye-catching. It will ultimately add value to your home. White ice granite countertops give spaced a timeless elegance. The glistening quartz accents lend the way to stylish design for years to come. With the range of midnight blue, red-brown and azure specks, choosing a backsplash, floor or cabinets can take on endless design options. Metallic tones and clean white with white ice granite complement contemporary and transitional architectural styles. Choose darker cabinets and techniques to give white ice granite a more national look while pairing with a grey backsplash. Farmhouse-style homes are another great option for white ice granite paired with coordinating hardware and jaw-dropping wallpaper and shaker cabinets.

The benefits of white ice granters include bright spaces, flexibility with design, value to the home, ease to clean, and very resistant surfaces. White ice countertops are very low maintained. Once properly sealed, they are much easier to maintain than marble countertops. Remember, the stone is porous, so property sealing white ice granite will preserve the stone’s lifespan. To clean white ice granite, use a PH-neutral cleanser daily recommended by your MC Granite professionals. Be sure to avoid bleach and acidic liquids on your white granite countertops.