How to Choose Your Marble Countertops

Beautiful and elegant, marble is the classic choice for countertops. Nonetheless, every slab of marble is different, and you want to make sure that you’re selecting the right one before you install it in your home.

Consider each type of marble

Not all marble is created equal. While most people think of marble as white stone, there are tons of varieties with different looks and quirks.

Carrara Marble

When someone says “marble,” this is the kind you’ll most likely imagine. Either stark white or white with gray veining, Carrara marble is the most common marble type, and also the least expensive. This is also the kind that most sculptures and marble buildings are made out of.

Calacatta Marble

This type of marble is often mistaken for Carrara marble as it also has white coloring with gray veining. However, Calacatta has darker, thicker veining than Carrara, and can come in gold. It’s also rarer, which is why Calacatta is often thought of as a luxury stone.

Emperador Marble

This stone can vary from whites to grays to browns. The browns are typically accompanied by stark white or gray veining, creating a beautiful contrast. Due to its colors, Emperador Marble would go great in a room with gold or brass furniture.

Crema Marfil Marble

Often found in a light-beige or yellow, crema marfil is typically used in coordination with darker stones. Its irregular pattern and varying veining intensity give it a unique appearance that’s sure to spice up your room.

Select the right finish

Once you’ve chosen the right type of marble, you next need to think about the finish. There are two main types of finish with marble: honed and polished. A honed finish has a matte look that can stain (but not scratch) easily, while a polished finish has a shiny look that can scratch (but not stain) easily.

Embrace the imperfections

Marble is a natural stone, which means each slab is different and has its own quirks and characteristics. As a result, no stone will be absolutely perfect. Embrace the imperfections that come with marble and work them to your advantage by creating a look that is unique to your home.

Nevertheless, because of marble’s mixed bag of looks and characteristics, it’s best to hire a professional to cut and install it so that they can smoothly incorporate those quirks into your home. Here at MC Granite Countertops, we can help you choose, cut, and install the right marble stone for your home. Give us a call at 770-833-8075 to learn more.