Should I Hire a Pro Designer for My Kitchen Remodel?

Renovating your home is not like making your own sourdough bread – a kitchen remodel and design is probably best left to the pros. 

We know it’s tempting. You’ve been scrolling through your Pinterest feed, flipping through magazines, and watching your favorite home improvement shows. It’s easy to think, “How hard could it be?” and decide to go at your latest interior design project alone. 

Besides, isn’t hiring an interior designer expensive? And what happens if you’re unhappy with their tastes? More skeptical clients may even begin to wonder that their hired expert is only trying to rack up expenses on an already costly project. (Hint: If you choose the right partner for your remodeling, you can get design services for free! You’ll get the certainty that you need before your project begins.)

Trust us, we’ve heard it all. Now’s your chance to hear it from us: designer (probably) knows best. 

Read on to find out the advantages of working with a professional interior designer to renovate your kitchen. 

Reason #1. A pro will tell it to you straight. 

We know you’ve been surfing the internet for inspiration. You likely have your heart set on the exact look you’re going for. But the truth is, an interior designer will be open, honest, and straightforward about what will and won’t work. For instance, a DIY design choice could devalue your home and pose extra costs if you ever want to sell it. Or, the home may not be equipped to handle the same renovations as those photos you’ve seen online. Lastly, the design changes could be cute and trendy now, but will they help or hinder your space from functioning its best? This is similar to a  hairdresser who stops you from making a drastic, awful cut (even though it looked great on that one celebrity). A professional is trained to give you the best advice so you are satisfied long term and save on costs. 

Reason #2. Money, money, money. 

 As hinted to in the first reason, the materials, designs, structure, fixtures, etc. you choose for your kitchen can risk hundreds or thousands of dollars – if not done properly. A pro designer can help you make the best decision as well as stay on budget. And, if you’re worried about the added expense of hiring a professional, don’t worry. Vendors are available that have in-house designers working on their team. Meaning, you can work with an interior designer on your kitchen remodel at no extra cost to you. 

Reason #3. If you’re not happy, they’re not happy.

Some customers are concerned they’ll be stuck paying for a kitchen renovation that doesn’t align with their tastes. Ultimately, they don’t want to be unsatisfied with their purchase. This is understandable, so many companies will remove that risk for their clients. Before deciding to hire an interior designer, find out about any policies they have on their services if you are unhappy. You’ll likely find that a satisfaction guarantee is in place to make sure you get the kitchen of your dreams!

Reason #4. Access to expert advice and resources.

A key advantage to hiring an interior designer is that you’ll get access to not only their expert advice, but their resources and connections as well. Contractors, suppliers, and other required professionals for a kitchen remodel can be time consuming to find and organize together for one project. When you work with a designer (especially if they are part of a company’s in-house team), this is taken care of for you. All you have to do is sit back, relax, and approve the final result. 

Reason #5. Your dream kitchen deserves someone who can help bring your vision to life. 

Ever wonder why hundreds of thousands of brides-to-be hire a wedding planner for their big day? Because with a professional, not only do you save time, energy, and decision fatigue on planning, but you also can trust that an important project is in good hands. Designing your dream kitchen is no easy task. Something so essential to your home should not be carried out alone; this is a time for a professional to step in and help you bring your vision to life. Leave it to an interior designer to blow you away all while giving you exactly what you want!

If you’re interested in taking this crucial step in renovating your kitchen, know you don’t have to spend any time looking for outside help. MC Granite has your materials, contractors, experts, and pro interior designers all in one place. You can even get a free design consultation! Visit our showroom at your nearest location and see for yourself. Cheers to creating the kitchen of your dreams!