The Different Types of Granite Edge Profiles

Once you’ve picked out the slab of granite you want for your countertops, you next need to think about the edging. There are several edge profiles available for granite countertops, so here’s a quick run-down of the major types to help you choose the right one for your kitchen or bathroom:

Straight Edge

If you want a crisp, clean design, straight edge profiles are the way to go. They give the appearance of a straight edge, although the corners are slightly rounded to prevent injury. These work with both thick and thin granite slabs, and they’re best for highly-patterned granite or dramatic backsplashes.


These can come in either full or half. Full bullnoses are curved along the top and bottom, while half bullnoses are curved at the top but flat on the bottom. Both are very easy to clean, although with half bullnoses you need to be careful of spills trickling down onto the floor.


Similar to bullnoses, there are different types of beveled edge profiles. In general, though, a bevel edge profile has a clipped, flat corner creating a 45-degree angle. How thick that clipped, flat corner is, though, can vary. For example, you can have a ¼ bevel or a ½ bevel. There’s also a double bevel which has two 45-degree angles on the top and bottom.


This elegant design features an “S” shape made up of two curves. The curves can be subtle or dramatic depending on your style, and it can add extra depth to your countertops.


Eased profiles create a 90-degree profile where the edges are softened just enough to ensure they’re not too sharp. These are great for small kitchens or tight corners/walkways.


Imagine a waterfall as the water cascades down to the gorge below—that’s a waterfall edge profile. The granite is cut so that the granite appears to seamlessly flow over the countertop and all the way down to the floor, creating a stunning appearance.


Also known as pencil edge, the round edge profiles have a small, rounded section about the size of a pencil at the top. There’s also a double round edge which has the rounded section at the top and bottom of the countertops.

Now that you know a bit about each major type of granite edge profiles, it’s time to start deciding on which is best for your home. And if you need some help in the decision-making process, then contact MC Granite Countertops. Our warehouses have several choices of granite edge profiles available, so contact us today to see how we can help!