Month: October 2023

The Importance of Durable Countertops in a Commercial Setting

A countertop in the MC Granite showroom

In busy commercial spaces, countertop durability isn’t an added advantage; it’s a necessity. From condos and apartments to hospital clinics to sports stadiums, countertops face constant wear and tear. The material you choose has a direct impact on longevity, aesthetics, and cost-effectiveness. Here are a few reasons why it’s so important to consider a durable… Read more »

What to Consider When Choosing Between Quartz and Quartzite Countertops

A quartzite Picasso Gold countertop

When you’re renovating your kitchen or building a new home, you’re likely choosing between countertop materials. Two popular materials at the moment – quartz and quartzite – have fairly similar sounding names. This may lead you to believe they’re the same material. And while they’re both fantastic options in their own right, offering a blend… Read more »