Month: February 2022

Arabescus White Granite

Have you ever wondered what is arabescus white granite? Well, arabescus white granite is a rock from brazil known for its swirls of charcoal, grey, and dove with a milky background. If you are looking for a countertop that will bring exoticness and a sense of mystery to your kitchen, then the arabescus white granite… Read more »

What Is An Engineered Countertop?

Engineered Countertops Engineered countertops are stone countertops manufactured from quartz crystals. They are bound together using a resin binder. These countertops should not be confused with natural stone countertops made from pure sandstone, granite, or marble. Advantages of engineered countertops The benefits of using engineered stone include: Stain-resistant surfaces The surfaces of engineered countertops are… Read more »