Absolute Black (India)

Absolute Black (India)

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Absolute Black India

Absolute black India is extremely dark dolerite with a fine granular crystalline texture. Although absolute black India is commonly grouped as granite, the rock is considered dolerite by European standards. During the processing of absolute black granite, a clear epoxy filler is used to fill the micro-fissures of the rock, to give its surface a smooth finish.

Features of absolute black India

Frost resistant

Absolute black India is frost resistant because of its non-porous nature. Unlike granite, absolute black India does not require a sealant to make it water/frost resistant. The squeezed grain formation of absolute black India makes it impossible for frost to penetrate beneath its surface. This makes absolute black India perfect for both domestic and residential construction projects such as:

  • Tiles
  • Paving
  • Fireplaces
  • Countertops
  • Vanities

Surface finish

Absolute black India has a polished gloss surface that creates an atmosphere of opulence and lavishness when used indoors. Also, if you prefer other finish styles for surfaces in your home, absolute black India comes in many varieties, notably, river washed, brushed, honed, leather, or thermal finishes.

Chemical resistant

Absolute black India is resistant to all chemicals, acidic or basic. This means that even if the surface comes into contact with cleaning solutions, bleach, or any type of chemical, the surface will not be harmed or damaged. However, it is always best to keep harmful chemicals from interior surfaces in your home that may come in direct contact with food, such as kitchen countertops.

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